Sunday, January 11

Roots and Wings: No Other Name (Mark Snavely)

Sunday, January 4

Roots and Wings (Mark Snavely)

Roots and Wngs: No Other Name - Mark Snavely
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Roots and Wings - Mark Snavely
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Sunday, January 18

Roots and Wings: Prayer That Shakes Things Up(Mark Snavely)

Roots and Wings: No Other Name (Mark Snavely) - Mark Snavely
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'A Super Christmas' - Dec. 14, 2014

Missed our Coastal Kidz' Christmas program on Dec. 14? Watch it here!

Sermon Message by Titus Snavely

Sunday, January 25

 United We Stand / We are Family (Mark Snavely)

United We Stand / We are Family - Mark Snavely
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Titus Snavely, a sophomore at Johnson University, delivers his first sermon at Coastal Community Christian Church on Sunday, Nov. 30.

Wednesday, January 28

congregational meeting

congregational meeting -
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Memorial Service for Kim Carter
May 15, 2016
Forward in Faith: Member Testimonials

This 30-minute video was produced to kick off our Forward in Faith capital campaign. In it, new and longtime members tell how Coastal Community Christian Church has had an impact on their lives and the lives of their families.

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